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Medical Records Summary

Med Records Solution excels in preparing Medical Records Summary of pre-acquired medical records of the different patients. We completely understand that medical records summary is a crucial and very important process for determining the overall health case of a patient.

When legal attorneys, law firms, medical centers, health insurance companies, life insurance companies require medical records of patients, they might not have time to go through, analyze, study the entire set of medical records with full accuracy. In such a scenario, Med Records Solution plays an important role in providing Medical Records Summary for quick analysis and call-to-action medical summary reports. Medical Records Summary gives you access to one’s medical profile to have a quick glance, without failing to miss important incidents in a person’s medical profile.

We prepare a summary through which our clients will be able to take key decisions of medical compensation, medical settlement or any kind of claim related to a person’s medical records. And this makes us take extra care that we involve no negligence in preparing medical records summary which will fully include all the major, minor and important episodes, in one’s medical profile.

We also analyze the data, eliminate any reiterations, summarize it in proper structure and also synchronize it as per the chronology.

We prepare Medical Records Summary in three different formats which will make it very easy for our clients to make use of it as per their precise requirement. The three formats we have prepared are fully customizable and the clients will have the liberty to put forward their expectation – for which we can propose a custom format to meet the expectations. We strive to offer you quality services and give you precise information of everything you want so that you can make fullfledged use of every bit of information that you receive from us. We customize the format as per your requirement at no extra cost.

Utilizing our intelligence and expertise, we have designed a well-defined Medical Records Summary Service, MRS. This revolutionary tool drastically reduces the amount of time spent by legal attorneys, paralegal and claims personnel for sorting and reviewing documents. This product is a fool-proof output by highly trained staff in medical records and medical terminology industry.

Medical Records Summarization plays a vital role when it comes to medico-legal cases by collecting and analyzing medical information for patients by reviewing and compiling the provided medical records. It provides detailed information regarding hospitalizations, office visits, procedures performed, findings of the examinations, and diagnosis of the patient. Making us the preferred vendor for many for a hassle free and accurate medical records Summarization service.

Logical and Intellectual Summarization of medical records is essential for: Medico-Legal Firms, who deal with litigations pertaining to Medical Malpractice Cases, Personal and Job Related Injury Cases, especially those falling under Workmen Compensations (OWCP) Cases. QMEs / IMEs / LNCs / Medical Documentation Service Providing Companies & Attorneys are benefited most with our distinguished services. We understand that Medical Record Summarization is much beyond the précis writing. After logically understanding the end use of summarization for our clients, whether it is meant for argument of a Plaintiff / Defendant / AME, we highlight the points to ensure the complete client success. Duly trained, highly experienced and certified Medico-Legal Experts collate accurate medical records. We prepare various types of reports at the best price deal.

The following are the three standard formats of Medical Records Summary that we cater:

  1. Comprehensive Medical Records Summary
  2. Narrative Medical Records Summary
  3. Annotative Medical Records Summary

Contact us today to discuss your requirement and also get a free consultation as to which format of medical summary you should opt for to suit your business needs.