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Medical Records Retrieval

We understand the importance of retrieving medical records in a systematic and an organized way. We understand that our clients who want to retrieve medical records from patients, hospitals, medical centers or doctors may not have the right system to approach or time to perform these activities.

To avoid such quandary, Med Records Solution provides you with excellent services to retrieve medical records of patients from various hospitals, medical centers, doctors or any other source in an organized way and in timely manner.

We harness the power to run the entire system of retrieving medical records with professionalism, punctuality and supreme quality. We always adopt the latest technology to conduct the services with utmost efficiency and shortest possible time. We work with medical experts, doctors, linguists and a world-class level support to carry out the entire procedure flawlessly.

The key factor why you should opt for our services is, our entire team works with full contribution only for one client at a time. This undoubtedly becomes the best reason for our work to be error-free. We understand the concern that we are dealing in very crucial and delicate information, hence, we always aim to give our unswerving contribution to one client at a time with utmost care.

Client logs in to secured
Med Records Solutions Portal
and places a request.

Includes: Request - Form filing, Uploading Necessary documents, Submitting HIPAA Compliance Agreement, Giving Additional Details of the Patients.
Med Records Solutions Portal
receives the request and initiates the procedure.

Includes: Contacting Hospitals, Medical Centres, Doctors for Acquiring Documents, Submitting Required Documents, Follow - Up, Invoicing & Payments, Receiving Records.
Med Records Solutions Portal
releases the requested medical records to client.

Includes: Checking, Re-Verification, Digitizing, Indexing & Sorting Securely Uploading The Acquired Medical Records On Encrypted Portal, Notifying The Client.

The following is a generalized process flow of how we carry out this service:

  • Step 1: The client approaches us through email or phone.
  • Step 2: We conduct the preliminary round of discussion to understand the expectation and objective of the client in a better way. We also discuss about the time required, the budget to be spent and the quantity and quality demanded.
  • Step 3: We further compile a customized plan for you, as per the discussed requirement and get back you within 1 or 2 business days.
  • Step 4: You provide us all the required documents like HIPAA forms, declaration forms, and permission letters; and also complete other formalities.
  • Step 5: You initiate the process from the same week or next week and we start collecting information patients from different sources like hospitals, doctors, medical centers and pharmacies.
  • Step 6: We keep you in the loop and you receive updates as we commence the work. You can also check real time updates on our portal and can ask for any changes and requirements.
  • Step 7: We complete the work in stipulated time, and let you know about the same. We also provide you with full statistics report of all the success and failure cases of medical information retrieval. We also provide you with reasons and justification if there is a case for which we could not retrieve the medical records from a particular source.
  • Step 8: You receive the medical records in a digitally encrypted format, review it and re-order.
  • Step 9: You also receive a call-back from our support team and quality team to ensure if all your objectives and expectations are fulfilled. You also get access to our 24x7 web-team with a turnaround time of 24 hours even after the completion of project for any queries or doubts that you may come across. Out of all the services we cater, like medical records retrieval, medical records summarization, and so on, medical records retrieval is our forte. This can be observed after the delivery of the assigned task which further validates our potential of express delivery with surpassing accuracy and professionalism.